Welcome to wonderful realm of fun-filled learning & development of lingusitic, motor, cognitive, social skills by team of Psychologists, Educationsits, and Neurodevelopment experts.



We are India's first structured Daycare along with Playschool facility- all in all a Development institute. We are primarily facilitators who play a vital role in transforming to a "GENIUS". As we see a budding genius in your child, so we formulated a child centric programme which stimulates their mind to THINK, FEEL, & INNOVATE. We are the ONLY PROFESSIONALLY MANAGED day care with Play school facility where there is a well defined program from age 3 months plus. Besides we ensure that your child gets the company of loving qualified teachers and trained care providers.

Global Creative Kids to provide a complete regime and take care of HOLISTIC child development, be it PHYSICAL, MOTOR, COGNITIVE, & EMOTIONAL SKILLS.

We are the pioneers to bring international standards of child care programme in India for all age groups especially INFANT CARE ensuring a hygienic, healthy and congenial environment for day care and play group.

  • Child based infrastructure with all facilities & equipment in a peaceful surroundings .
  • Provide an ideal ambiance for mental stimulation and recreation .
  • Continuous monitoring and CCTV surveillance system .
  • Convenient location with easy access.
  • Loving and caring trained and experienced staff.

Global Creative Kids Playschool enables children to develop an understanding of real world topics through the aid of monthly themes. The themes act as a guide for curriculum planning and development. At the same time teachers encourage spontaneity and responsiveness to the immediate interests of a group of children taking cues from their ideas, excitement and questions. Global Creative Kids is to offer a "home away from home" for children, i.e. to provide them with a safe, comfortable, stimulating, and caring environment that's customized to their needs.

Global Creative Kids offer an early child intervention, NEUROBEHAVIORAL DEVELOPMENT OF CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEED, our special educator, speech therapist, occupational therapist, art therapist offers holistic development under the able guidance and supervision of Clinical Psychologists.



Early Intervention Center for Special Children

The Early Intervention Center for Special Childhood (IECSC) is dedicated to serving children who have developmental delays. ICEC serves children from birth to 6 years of age with a variety of special needs, including, but not limited to, autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, sensory issues, prematurity, and general developmental delays that are undiagnosed.

We offer comprehensive group and individual early intervention services, in parent participation groups, preschool programs and individual sessions; depending upon the child’s individual needs.
Our services include Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Infant Stimulation, Behavior Management and Developmental Evaluations


Discovery based learning is a kind of teaching that is based on student finding out themselves looking into problems and asking questions. This is the time to develop their social skills along with their physical emotional and intellectual development by engaging them into group activities that stimulate learning through all scenes and whole.

Other Activity - Dance

Children love rocking, jumping, hopping and twisting. We introduce them to the joy of dancing. Kids develop many skills as they develop a natural love for dance concepts like rhythm language and listening, creativity, imagination co-ordination, balance , body awareness and self esteem.

Our passionate teachers share their passion and love for movement with music and rhythm


Global Creative Kids is a home away from home .H ere an environment is provided for the kids to learn , play and grow and most important feel at home. We emphasize in providing special care to look after every child just the way a mother or a grand mother would do. We ensure good health and hygiene with facilities like safe play material and child friendly washrooms. Our passionate and trained teachers and care givers look after the child’s comfort, safety and security at all times.

We also have in-house kitchen, where fresh hot meals are prepared as per the menu planned by the nutritionist


This course aims to improve conversation and speaking skills. It builds confidence by providing opportunities to

  • Conversation with greater confidence and ability
  • Recognize and use different conversational devices
  • Use functional language in a variety of contexts
  • Communicate orally with greater success
  • Understand and improve pronunciation


Art and craft affect children’s learning much before they start even speaking. It may start with atta dough given by mom or making rangoli with whatever they get, pulses, rice sand, powder, lipstic , pudding in their bowl ,small toys , milk in the feeding bottle .List of material used for their creativity is endless. They love to spread these things around them and enjoy

Children love to interpret their world in their own way. It is not necssarily about the end product ; but the creative journey of the activity that they follow to create their own master piece

Our activities capture child’s interest and gently increase their focus and attention span. Children enjoy drawing, painting, crumpling, scrunching, threading , lacing, cutting , pasting, sticking, moulding , laughing and of course making friends.



Mrs Vijay Narang

Former head, primary & early learning at Army Public School, has more than 40 years of experience in early child education. Has been regarded as thoughtful leader known for nurturance of good values in children.

Mrs Romila Gandhi

Former Principal Woman Government Post Graduate College, Amritsar, ex-alumni Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi. She is an expert in Food & Nutrition, has more than 40 years experience in child caring, rearing and child development.

Dr Poonam Suri

An educationist with specialization in STEM(science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in applied learning for early child development, Associate Professor at University of Delhi

Dr Alka Karla

Child Psychologist, having more than 30 years experience in development psychology, brain mapping, creative development. She has been listed amongst most influential women entrepreneur in Middle East. She is chairperson of EDU SCAN.

Dr RK Suri

More than 25 yrs of rich teaching and administrative experience in a prestigious school of Delhi –Adarsh Public School. Honored by the then Education Minister Arvinder Singh Lovely for her Meritorious services in the field of Education. Renowned social activist, working for the welfare of senior citizens, women, children and society as a whole. Actively associated with well known organizations like ANHLGT, Pahal, Globally SHE, Aaronic Child Foundation and Age Well Holistic care. · A music lover and a hobby singer associated with Dwarka Kala Sargam.



Ms. Anita Pandey




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